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DALICC in a nutshell

by taspel | November 04, 2016

DALICC stands for Data Licenses Clearance Center. It is a software framework that supports legal experts, innovation managers and application developers in the legally secure reutilization of third party data sources. The DALICC framework supports the automated clearance of rights, thus helping to detect licensing conflicts and significantly reducing the costs of rights clearance in the creation of derivative works.

Modern IT applications increasingly retrieve, store and process data from a variety of sources. This can raise questions about the compatibility of licenses and the application`s compliance with existing law. Issues of rights clearance are especially relevant in the creation of derivative works compiled from multiple data sources.

Clearing and negotiating rights issues is a time-consuming, complex and error-prone task. Challenges associated with clearance issues are:

1)         high transaction costs in the manual clearance of licensing terms and conditions,

2)         sufficient expertise to detect compatibility conflicts between two or more licenses,

3)         negotiation and resolution of licensing conflicts between involved parties.


To meet tackle the problems described above, the DALICC software framework will consist of four modules:

License Composer: Lets a user create customized licenses.

License Library: Lets a user choose from a set of standard licenses.

License Annotator: Provides a user with a machine-readable and human-readable version of your license.

License Negotiator: Checks compatibility, detects conflicts and supports conflict resolution.


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