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Submission Reviews: Open Science Conference 2017

by taspel | November 17, 2016

Nevertheless, we want to share the reviews with you. They are quite promissing. Full reviews are attached as PDF.

Review 1: 07_14 -- Overall Rating: Towards Rejection (PDF)

"Innovative tools and methods for managing, storing and sharing OER" project is envisioned to provide knowledge workers and application developers with (pre-hand) / instantly - resolved licensing information about the third party data sources reutilization.  The overall idea and underlying modules are interesting as licensing resolution is a critical part for the open science. However with context to conference call the abstract doesn’t look relevant and has failed to clarify its basic contribution regarding the open science and open educational resources. A general feeling from the abstract is that project will be more relevant and efficient to resolve the licensing conflict in third party copy-righted datasets as compared to Open data set which typically have creative common and open data commons licenses and have more clarity on licensing.

Review 2: 07_22 -- Overall Rating: Towards Acceptance (PDF)

The project targets a very important area of data licensing and clearing house approaches. Solving licensing  issues clearly is an important next step for a wider uptake of Open Data. However, it is not perfectly clear to me how challenging problems for creating and applying RELs will be solved (i.e. checking for semantic equivallence or entailment). For example, MPEG 21 REL never really became mainstream due to its complexity.

Anyhow, i think the project will provide interesting contributions and discussions to the conference.  


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