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DALICC presented at the Open Government Data Meetup in Vienna

by taspel | December 19, 2016

On December 15, 2017 we had the chance to present the DALICC project at the Vienna Open Government Data Meetup. Here are some impressions of this successful event.

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Short paper accepted @ IRIS 2017 conference

by taspel | December 15, 2016

We got a shport paper accepted at IRIS 2017, the 20th International Conference on Legal Infomatics.

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DALICC Framework

by taspel | November 05, 2016

The major goals of the DALICC project is to reduce the costs of license clearance and to increase the transparency within license negotiations.

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DALICC in a nutshell

by taspel | November 04, 2016

DALICC stands for Data Licenses Clearance Center. It is a software framework that supports legal experts, innovation managers and application developers in the legally secure reutilization of third party data sources. The DALICC framework supports the automated clearance of rights, thus helping to detect licensing conflicts and significantly reducing the costs of rights clearance in the creation of derivative works.

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