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Submission Reviews: Open Science Conference 2017

by taspel | November 17, 2016

We submitted a project poster to the Open Science Conference 2017, that will take place in Berlin from March 21– 22, 2017. Unfortunatelly we got rejected.

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Rights Expression Languages, licensing tools & compliance checking

by taspel | November 08, 2016

Rights Expression Languages (RELs) are a subset of Digital Rights Management technologies that are used to explicate machine-readable rights for purposes of Digital Asset Management. RELs are used to control access, explicate usage rights and govern behavioural aspects of a transaction process. Among the most prominent REL-vocabularies are MPEG-21, ODRL-2.0 (and derivatives like RightsML), ccREL, XACML and WAC to name but a few.[1] Each REL has been developed to serve specific purposes. I.e.

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